Tsar Simeon I (893 – 927 AD) was one of the most erudite European rulers in the Middle Ages. The victories on the battlefield allowed him to strengthen the international authority of Bulgaria, leaving behind a powerful state. Tsar Simeon I remained in Bulgarian history with the nickname “The Great”, and his government is defined as the “Golden Age” of Bulgaria because of its territorial enlargement and cultural efflorescence, an unsurpassed peak in the Bulgarian history.
The capital Veliki Preslav is a charming place where history, culture and nature merge into one. There is something for every taste. The Archaeological Museum of Veliki Preslav with its rich collections presents in the most complete way the “Golden Age” phenomenon and illustrates the place of Simeon’s capital as the leading center of Slavic writing, art and arts and crafts in the European Southeast in the IX – X centuries.
In the halls of the Archaeological Museum “Veliki Preslav” you can see:
The unique Preslav gold treasure
Works of the famous Preslav painted ceramics
Old Bulgarian Cyrillic and Glagolitic inscriptions
An unique collection of lead seals
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Archaeological Museum "Veliki Preslav"
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