ShablaThe seaside to the north of Varna is unknown place for the tourists. Behind the big beach resorts Golden Sands and Albena, followed by the majestic charm of Balchik and Kavarna, the last point of Varna Bay is Cape Kaliakra. Beautiful sheer cliffs, which rise to the north of this impressive cape, will impress you with their wild energy and magnetism. Bolata, Yailata, Kamen Bryag, Tyulenovo and the endless beaches between Krapets and Durankulak are must-see places for all romantic souls and those who are seeking the unique contact with the nature. Out there somewhere is located Shabla, the center of the region. In this small town there is one of a kind Green training center – a starting point for every trip in this area.
The Green center, which was established recently, now has become a huge value for the locals. The director is a Daniela Todorova, PHD in Culturology. Six years ago she came from Sofia to Shabla as a coordinator of a renovation project of the old school building in the city. A year and a half later a new magnificent cultural center replaced the old almost ruined building made by stone. The center is surrounded by a wonderful park. A cascade of ponds in the yard represents the typical for the region wetlands which are on the way of the birds migration ViaPontica. Sometimes the conditions are not suitable for bird watching at a close distance, especially while the birds are nesting and the north winds are starting to blow. Therefore you can observe the birds’ activity in real time with the help of monitors and portable hidden cameras. So the ornithologists will not be disappointed if they pay a visit to the center during the hall year. Also in the center are organized many temporary exhibitions and seminars. Here could be seen many artifacts founded during the archeological excavations on the Big Island on the Durankulak Lake.

shabla2A thousand years ago in the area of the Durankulak Lake there was a big settlement with a significant meaning for the ancient people. Because of the sanctuary built in honor of the Roman goddess of fertility Cybele. The archeologist came across impressive artifacts from seven different civilizations, including the oldest processed gold in the world shown in the Regional Museum of History in Dobrich and the biggest necropolis ever found. The Big Island on the Durankulak Lake is an impressive touristic site of global importance which could be visited from early May to late October. It’s known for by the oldest stone architecture in Europe.

The Green training center in Shabla is opened everyday (except on Sundays) from 9 am until 6 pm. The Big Island on the Durankulak Lake is accessible all the time. Its information center works from Wednesdays to Sundays from 10 am until 6 pm until the end of September.
The fertility of the North coast amazed not only the ancient people. For several years on the Holy Cross Day (on 14th September) in the park of Shabla is organized the spectacular “Celebration of the fertility”, on which are exposed all the culinary riches of this sacred land. Typical for the region are the huge peppers and sweet bell peppers, the delicious seafood and fresh made pasta. The Dobrudzha pastry “Kavarma”, prepared in dozens variations, should not be missed. Be sure to try the unforgettable tastes of Dobrudzha.

A week later (on 20th September) is organized the traditional “Festival of Kites” which symbolizes the richness of birds that start to fly away. It is particularly colorful. The festival takes place on the beach in front of the camping Shabla next to the Shabla Tuzla – a natural estuary with healing mud used in balneology. During the festival there are many competitions for kids and adults, educational games and workshops on the topic “Biodiversity in the region”. All kites resemble the feathered inhabitants of this wetlands.

Author and photos by Gravrail Gavrailov