Madara riderIn the middle of a vertical cliff, in the east part of the Balkan mountain range, near the road from Danube river to the Black Sea and the Bosphorus, is carved one of the most mysterious monuments, listed in UNESCO World Heritage list, the Madara Rider.
According to scientists, this rock relief has been created about 1300 years ago, in the beginning of 8th century. How and why? These questions still remain unanswered. There are so many hypotheses, that even researchers themselves get confused.
Some argue that the rider is Khan Krum, and the relief was ordered by Khan Omurtag. Others believe that the rider is Khan Tervel, or god Tangra.
One it the most recent hypothesis holds that the relief is a stone horoscope of Bulgaria and points out the exact location of the stars and the planets (depicted as a human figure and several animals) at the time of the foundation of Great Bulgaria on April 8, 165. To put is short, something like a sign of ownership or a prediction for eternal existence of the Bulgarian reign over the region to the south of the Danube River.