There is no more wonderful thing than a smile full of beautiful and healthy teeth. Regardless of age or gender, everyone would be happy to boast these visible signs of dental health. Of course, the path to the wonderful smile sometimes goes through procedures, because of which many people are willing to bypass the dental office. Every fear can be dropped out when you come across professionals who will not only give everything to bring back your smile, but they will also be careful to can you say good-bye to the fear of dentists.
Such professionalism and warm, human attitude will welcome you in the dentist’s office Dr. Alexander Dimitrov in Sofia’s Boyana District. More than ten years in Dr. Dimitrov’s cabinet has experienced and ambitious team, which work a polyvalent dentistry. Their aims are to provide one preference and comfortable environment for their patients, with wide range of services they offer, namely: therapy - all types of obturations with the most up-to-date materials; endodontics - by the method of hot condensation; orthopedics - metal-ceramic and zirconium crowns and bridges; surgical interventions, aesthetic dentistry with hyaluronic acid, treatment of periodontal diseases.

Dr. Dimitrov’s dental cabinet is very modern, bright and spacious. There is also done and X-ray, that gives a quick, reliable and accurate diagnosis when compiling a treatment plan. In this cabinet the medical staff will listen to you and choose the most suitable treatment for you.
At the entrance of the cabinet, located on the ground floor of a beautiful private house at the foot of Vitosha Mountain, you will be welcomed by two nice dental assistants - the dentists’ nurses. Besides being beautiful, they are also very experienced, and with warm sympathy will welcome you, predispose and serve during the interventions to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

The Dr. Dimitrov’s team made our best to achieve the desired goal of curing your teeth and dental rows. The aim of their Dental clinic is to create peace, security, and trust in their patients.
They guarantee you quality at affordable prices, because they believe that the price should not be a reason for people to be deprived of treatment. They are convinced that health is priceless and, as Dr. Dimitrov himself says, “We build the trust together!”
We recommend that you visit the
Dr. Dimitrov’s dental cabinet!