A CHALLENGE FOR THE MORE EXPERIENCED HIKER LOVERvitosha1S! If you’re a lover of mountain hiking – Sofia is the right place to come to! Located at the foothills of a mountain with more than 2000 m height, our capital offers a great opportunity for a hunt of beautiful landscapes, forests and panoramas. The mountain is very accessible – even in the winter! And with the right equipment, hiking uphill could be a great option to spend your time here! How to get there Vitosha mountain can be easily reached with the Simeonovo cable car – working every day from 8 to 16:30. Take note that every first and third Monday of the month between 10:00 and 14:30 it is unavailable due to preventive maintenance checks. Beside from the lift, Aleko hut, as well as the Golden Bridges and Kopitoto TV Tower can be reached by car. With public transportation you can reach the lower parts of the mountain – you have to get to Boyana, Simeonovo, Dragalevtsi or Knyazhevo suburbs. From any part of the mountain you can find a marked route to follow and at some points there are also signs with English translation, guiding you through your journey! Beware of the weather! As in every mountain, some days there’s a bigger risk of avalanches and the weather could be unpredictable as well. Always check the forecast and the online webcams before you go and if you have any doubts, call Aleko hut. The plateаu in the upper parts is usually very windy as well. It is vital to wear the right equipment and not to go on your own. Water- and windproof jackets and shoes are a must! Crampons and ski sticks are also advisable, especially if you’re taking the steeper routes. To contact the Mountain Rescure Service in case of emergency, call the national number 112 or +3592/ 963 2000. To make easier contact, you can download their free app called PSS for Apple and Anvitosha2droid as well. Hiking routes and marking The routes in the forests are well marked with different coloured paint on the trees. When you reach the upper part of the mountain, where it’s mostly plain – tall black and yellow striped stakes will take you to your desired destination. For the most part, the hiking routes are well beaten tracks that can be easily recognized. Aleko hut is also a popular place for skiing at this time of the year – so there will be plenty of people there to ask for directions! Cherni vrah peak Especially in winter, the panorama view from Cherni Vrah peak is stunning – you have a 360 degree landscape of the mountain, as well as the surrounding Rila and Balkan mountains! With the right weather the hike from Aleko hut can be a great afternoon walk. The peak can be reached from all parts of the mountain, but if you’re starting at the lower parts, be careful - it may be steep and slippery! Boyana waterfall The Boyana waterfall is even more interesting in the winter – it is frozen! It is even a popular destination for ice climbing! The waterfall can be reached down from the Golden Bridges and up from Boyana district. But be careful with the descent – the area around the waterfall has ice and may be a bit dangerous without all of the necessary equipment. The Golden Bridges They are probably the most accessible destination – they can be reached by car, public transport or an easy hike. Start from Knyazhevo district or hike directly from Cherni Vrah peak! There are countless possibilities! Take care, dress very warm and enjoy the winter wonderland! Get to know Sofia better with our free app VisitSofia, at www.visitsofia.bg and on our Facebook page – Sofia Information Centre!