Once upon a time a magical place, whvitoshaere the sun was talking with the grasses, and from these meetings the entire meadow were covered with any yellow flowers. This magical place still has it. They call it Yavorov’s meadow (Yavorova polyana). It is situated at 1640 m above sea level in Vitosha Nature Park, in the north-western part of the Vitosha Mountain (also called Selimishki dyal). And the legend for her I invented it for all you. But when you look at these yellow “kisses” onto the green hills, perhaps the legend is actually true. Why not?
To this magical place you can reach, if you take the path from the Golden Bridges stop, after you take to the right, to the ancient path towards Pancho Tomov hut and continue up the path that runs past the hut. After a few minutes among the tranquility of the pines and the quiet songs of the river, the path will be branched.
The Yavorov’s meadow is stretched out in front of your eyes. Everywhere is flowers, herbs and buzzing insects. To the left, the offshoot of the path leads in the south, to Edelweiss hut. To the right, he leads to the west, to the locality called Trendafila.
As soon as you take the path to the left, the picturesque locality The Ophelias will show just before your eyes from the southeast. During the winter season there is opened a small ski run, where children are trained. The path to the right is no less magical, with a wooden bridge, stone pavement, and running water along the stones. This path will take you to the road towards Kladnitsa village.
The name Yavorova Polyana is come from the name of one of the greatest Bulgarian poets of the 20th century, the symbolic poet revolutionist Peyo Yavorov, born Kracholov. In the 1930s, a group of mountaineers with patriotic views had the idea of making a Pantheon of the great Bulgarians in this area, also known as the Pantheon of Immortality. So, at different places in the meadow is placed the sculptures of few of our predecessors, which is deeply related to the Bulgarian culture, literature and enlightenment struggles. In this time the Armenian sculptor Grigor Agaronian, one big fan of Yavorov, was made a sculpture on the head of the poet placed on a stone. Time does pass and the sculpture of Yavorov gradually collapses, but the Armenian artist made a second sculptureis not far from the place of the first. Because of these sculptures, the magical place was called Yavorova polyana (Yavorov’s meadow).
In the not too distant past of this place ware organized various cultural events, concerts, literary readings. Herbs lovers always climbed the paths to Yavorov’s meadow every season to collect this gifts from the Nature, which they used as folk remedies for treatments of different diseases.
How you can to get there? By bus 107, 59, 63, 64, with the free bus lines of Lidl, or by trams 11, 19 and 5. GPS: 41°49’31”N 23°22’45”E.
In foots of the Vitosha Mountain, quite in Yavorov style.