AnastasiaAnastasia 2Saint Anastasia Island is the only island in Bulgaria turned into a tourist attraction, after complete restoration. A piece of land, 6 km away from the city, it is combination of rich history, wonderful nature, delicious food, overnight stay and romantic experience …
The island has a restaurant with authentic seafood cuisine, a Lekarna, offering local natural products, a restored church dating back to 14th century, guest house, a contemporary multimedia museum, an open stage for various cultural events and an active lighthouse.
Saint Anastasia Island has an extremely interesting history – a past monastery, more recently a prison and in the last few years of the 20th century it was a place, preferred by people of the arts. The island is attractive with its unique nature as well – bizarre rock formations, and abundance of herbs, fig trees and one of the most beautiful views of the Burgas Bay.

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Photos provided by Burgas Municipality