The Castlezamaka


The Castle “In Love with the Wind” is the child’s dream made true of Georgi Kostadinov Tumpalov (1956) who is its architect, designer and developer from the very beginning when in the distant 1996 he drew with a spade a big cross on the soil over which his family worked 24 hours day and night assisted by the workers from the neighbouring village of Ravadinovo and with God’s help managed to build stone by stone a magnificent castle - a dream that came true, created with much love!

I am a stranger coming from a distant land
And all along the road, I carried you in my heart.
I kept you safely in my soul.
Like a mother protecting her baby.

I have carried you for a long time, my dream,
And I have been raising you stone by stone.
Now, I can see you in front of my eyes

The style of the Castle is Fairy, Enchanting. This is the secret of its magic impact – a dream to build a castle existing only in fairy tales made true. It was built completely of 20 000 tons of stone, specially extracted from the bowels of the Strandzha Mountains. The stone is marble (metamorphosed limestone), which is used everywhere – in the fence, the artificial lake, walls and towers, the chapel and the cellar. It contains traces of micro diamonds, which makes the castle change its colour – in the morning it has pink nuances, during the day, it becomes white and at full moon – it glows. However, the thing that makes this castle unique is the fact it has the shape of a crest, which symbolizes trust, love and commitment in its construction and development.

In Love with Wind is a unique attraction not only for Bulgaria. It attracts the interest and admiration of both locals and foreigners. Feel the fairy comfort of a castle from the fairy tales and allow yourself get lost in its enchanting atmosphere.